Astronaut Saint-Jacques on space travel


For you in any in any way. So I am as a doctor. I'm well aware of wrong left checked and all the, thankfully, we have a lots of developed a lot of medications and medications wasted make things better. That is one of the main purposes of space station states to come up with ways to improve the ability of humans at arbit-. So that we can eventually go further Mon remarks still. Despite discomfort on the long separation from family and friends. This is clearly the adventure of a lifetime. And he's looking forward to a unique opportunity only available to astronauts free time is few of their can imagine it's gonna be busy for me with becomes most is to spend some time looking at the earth. I have this project, which I'm told is a is a nice thing to do is kind of carve out an hour and a half with nothing else to do. But look out the window and do solo around the world. Looking below you. But it seems a little strange that Canadian on his first trip to space who's going to live on the space station for six months half a year doesn't seem like bigger news. It's almost like we've lost interest in the Canadian contribution to the space program. Which is why my question when my turn came up was what's Canada's future role in space? Here's his answer space for Canada is fundamental aspects of our society nowadays, you know, we are spacefaring nation that does not only mean, astronauts, you and me every ten minutes of our lives, we use a satellites unbeknowst sometimes, but whenever use your phone GPS. You make a banking in the communication, take a plane navigation even agriculture as manage some space. These days are entire environmental martyring defense. So spaces are of the Sabri. Of canada. So for sure we're staying space to stay on. I wants to be there. Real state for space exploration. That is also a huge part of who we are as a nation of explorers. And now the concert of nations is getting ready to embark on next. Now that we are wrapping up program the space station and go back to the moon and deeper into space, and then she Mars, so I believe that the, you know, it's Canada's as a big role to pay about the in that community to me. It's the kind of innovative creative bold kind of. And I would like to children to tendon. So this is really somewhere panda size. Their states voyage dovey. We'll be looking up at you looking down on us next week. And that's it for this week's edition, of course in courts, if you'd like to get in touch

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