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Next summer. You got your eyes on Kyrie Irving. Kevin Durant some of these free agents, and if you wanna make those jersey even somewhat of a reality you bring a player that's going to win. Now, not a guy that's gonna win tomorrow. And if you're the pelicans, you got to secure the future this Knicks. Pelicans marriage makes a lot more sense than I think we're giving it credit for. Last podcast about ten minutes. We're gonna head out to New York talk to our friend, Gordon Damer from ESPN ninety eight point seven, there's only one place. I want to go with this today because I think Anthony Davis in the New York Knicks is a match made to have it. We're going to talk almost exclusively about the Celtics and the Lakers when it comes to this the Celtics on the back end of this July first date where they would be able to offer and pursue Anthony Davis and the Lakers in the here. Now trying to make a push for a trade within this NBA season. But then you've got the New York Knicks who again, I

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