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Diabetes. And if you want to eat better and help the planet, eat less meat and sugar. That's according to a new report from a global commission of experts. The report found you should eat more, fruits and vegetables. And if more of us did about eleven. Million fewer people would die prematurely. Each year would also force farmers to find more sustainable methods of farming. The report found. All right, six forty six. Glad you're with us here as we continue on the Kathy morning news. I'm Dan Nicholson along with Gregg Fishman who's in for Christina Mendonca. Ryan nobles is here with our Catholic. Troublespot? We've an ambulance responding to a vehicle versus poll incident Kiefer boulevard at south watt avenue. We'll look at that. And the freeways to at six fifty and just ahead on KFI. We'll check your money with Kelly brothers and also coming up in the news as a government shutdown continues. How's it affecting the economy? We'll tell you what one financial adviser says coming up.

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