New York Jets finalizing deal to hire Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator


New York Jets have a new defensive coordinator. His name is Greg Williams. Excuse me. Former defensive coordinator. For the Cleveland Browns who took over as interim head coach once Hugh Jackson and Todd Haley, the offense coordinator in Cleveland were relieved of their duties actually thought he did a damn good job and was worthy of headstrong head coaching consideration. But they decided to give it to Freddie, Cureton because he's got a good relationship with Baker Mayfield a number one overall pick and that is that. Nevertheless, no matter which way, you slice it. It's going to be interesting to see how Adam gays. Bob's with Greg Williams. But I think that Greg Williams bountygate and all is a big time defensive coordinator that infuses the kinda right attitude, certainly not going to have tolerance for softies. I think that will work very very well with somebody like Jamal Adams. And I think the jets are moving in a different direction in a forward direction because of it.

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