The $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot winner has not claimed the prize


Than two months after the ticket was sold in South Carolina. The winning ticket was sold in the town of Simpson Bill the numbers were announced on. October twenty third and as of last week. The winner has not come forward to claim their prize, which is left lottery officials kind of baffled if the prizes not claimed the jackpot will be returned to the forty four states that participate in the lottery, South Carolina will get a payday of eleven point two million which will be used for the state's educational fund. The state reported that the winner has a total of one hundred eighty days to claim the money, according to state law, and the countdown starts from when the winning numbers are announced. Wow. One point five billion dollars. And they haven't stepped forward yet. Maybe they're gonna wait until the last moment in a moment. An incredible story ally too big to fail. Lisa appeased joins us on coast to coast AM.

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