Cher Talks to Ellen About Preventing a Sexual Assault with Meryl Streep

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Let's really talk about why this week was special for you. Oh, gosh. Share was here. I have always loved off you how do you not love share? How are Are you? you not share share? No, everyone loves share. But as a gay man share release something for Kevin. I thought Andy was coming out for a second. Now that's on the next episode. Oh my gosh. I love her and she told L and all about mama Mia. Now, she saved a life with Meryl Streep. Let's talk about you in Maryland, really love each other. And you should because you're both fabulous women silkwood is like one of my all time favorite movies. But your Bula together. We are. I mean, that's really fun. Like you want to do another movie with her love to do. You have any ideas. No, okay. You want to come up with an yes, okay? I'll come up with an idea. And then actually, you know, we saved a girl's life once the two of us. Tell me what. So she just had Mamie, and we were at her apartment, and she said, I want ice cream are sort of cool. I said, but it's kind of dangerous neighborhood and it's night. And she said, no, it's like between Chinatown and little Italy. What could happen and so who walk in? And we haven't got around the corner yet, but we hear screaming, and we get around the corner huge man in like sweats, and I don't know what over like basketball shorts. And he's pulling at this girl. She's like shaking, the squirrel and so- Merrill, just starts screaming and takes off an ice start screaming and take off to and think I'm going to get killed. Why France is gonna kill me. So anyway, so we're running and running and the guide turns around, and he sees. Us and he starts running towards us in the night that we're really going to get killed, but we both split off in the opposite directions. And and we got to the girl and he kind of had ripped her clothes, but she kept her purse, and that's what he wanted. And then we're like trying to fix her all up, you know, and you know, we have nothing, but we're sticking it in their bras strapper shirt thinks she looks at us and she screams and she said, oh my God. I'm a singing waitress, and no one's gonna believe I got mugged and same. Wow. What a great story.

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