Did a true-crime podcast nearly stop a conviction?



Win Minton couvert. Oh, did you her new air tight? Did this true crime podcast? Get in the way of a successful conviction in Denmark trial of a Norwegian woman accused of fraud was briefly threatened by this hits podcast. It's called the woman with the heavy suitcase in English, and it covered claims about her activity lawyers acting on her behalf raised the concern that she might not get a fair trial because of it, but happily none of the judges listened. She was sentenced to eighteen months in prison last month and banned from entering Denmark for twelve years a ruling which she's appealed net. Flicks is self censored and episode of this in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis were struggling to explain the disappearance of journalist, dramatic Shoghi. They said he left their consulates safely. That's Patriot Act and government regulators. They're requested the removal of this episode about journalist Jamal Kosugi. Listen notes reveals that there are two thousand six. Hundred seventy six podcast episodes concerning the journalist not all of which may be positive to the Saudi government and you smart subscribed. Plugin for WordPress sites launched yesterday, and it promises to display only relevant buttons to help turn website visitors into subscribers like book club, but for podcasts podcast brunch. Clubs listening list. For January two thousand nineteen is community responses to disability. Sean Howard has written a set of posts about how to get the best out of patriot. And part five posted today discusses use of a new patriot feature special offer. Meanwhile, Tanna Campbell highlights alternatives to patriot you can support pod news via patriot or directly at pod news dot net slash support. And this could be making it onto TV from the Boston Globe. In wondering, I'm Bob Haller in. This is gladiator the podcasts television rights have been optioned by FX. A US television network has the New York Times reports Hollywood is buying hit podcasts in the race for content. And that's the

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