Fox, President Trump And Senate discussed on Michael Brown


Six of the shutdown. I'm rich Denison. Fox news. No votes are expected this week in the house or Senate as the partial government shutdown continues to Senate democrat dick Durbin on Twitter rights. There's no end in sight saying the president took the government hostage. Over an outrageous demand for a five billion dollar wall to would be wasteful and ineffective. President Trump says the border wall is desperately needed to stop drugs. You can trafficking and gang members. Asking if Democrats realize most people not getting paid are Democrats. There are about eight hundred thousand government employees from the treasury Justice and homeland security departments impacted. Fox's Jared Halpern on Capitol Hill. Both the house and Senate did meet in pro forma sessions today chamber sessions running under four minutes with the house adjourning after two minutes. Forty two seconds, President Trump sending out several tweets today continuing to blame Democrats for the shutdown and blaming a lack of border wall for an increase in illegal immigrants who are human traffickers drug. Dealers and gang members the man suspected of killing California police officer yesterday was in the country illegally Stanislas county sheriff Adam Christians and says they need help finding the suspect. They released pictures of him along with his vehicle from surveillance footage from a nearby convenience store. corP Ronel sang conducted a traffic stop a suspected DUI when the man he pulled over shot and killed him. This suspect unlike Ron who immigrated to this country lawfully and legally to pursue his lifelong career of public safety public service and being a police officer. This suspect is in our country illegally, corporal, sing leaves behind a wife and a five month old baby. Boy, FOX's Jessica Rosenthal. A rollercoaster ride on Wall Street after a six hundred point drop. The Dow rallied back to end the day two hundred sixty points in the green they have some PF NASDAQ also showing modest games. This.

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