Kyler Murray of Oklahoma wins Heisman trophy


Heisman Trophy goes to an Oklahoma quarterback for the second year in a row following in the footsteps of Baker Mayfield Kylie Murray through for more than four thousand yards and forty touchdowns this season. He says he was the right quarterback for the right program. I'm a cool, calm collected guy. Like Lord blessed with the ability to handle situations differently. For me knowing that I was going to the right situation. I just believe that go was the situation for me a junior. This could be his final season before jumping to the pros not football. But baseball he signed a four point six million dollar contract is past summer with the Oakland A's who selected him with the number nine pick. According to ESPN, Marie apologized this morning after anti-gay tweets he made in two thousand eleven twelve surfaced hours after we won the trophy. The tweets were made when he was fourteen and fifteen. And he says he used a poor choice of words that don't reflect who he is. Or

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