Iran releases soccer players ahead of match against US


Johnson. Hey, listen, if the World Cup United States and Iran and consider the emotional mead nawazi, part of his childhood in Iran moved to herndon, Virginia, pro soccer career led to coaching, including U.S. youth national teams, then as an assistant, he helped Iran to the 2014 World Cup. He knows players on the Iranian team work for the current head coach, Carlos karos. It's not normal circumstances with everything that's going on in the country. Politically and the fact that the national team players haven't stood by the book by the people, now I want the U.S. to win badly. Again, consider the emotion he is dealing with. For me to pick one over the other. I'm born and raised here, but then parents live in Iran right now. I have family in Iran. But for nausea who now works with U.S. soccer legend Tom Ramos at a club in Hartford, Connecticut. If the U.S. wins, it just

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