Gov. Kristi Noem: TikTok Ban for South Dakota Government


Made headlines just the other day by signing an executive order banning TikTok on for state government agencies employees and contractors specifically using state devices. Why did you do that? Well, we're learning more and more every single day about the national security threat that TikTok is to our country and to our individual citizens. It's my job as governor to protect the people's South Dakota. We know that China is using TikTok and manipulating algorithms to gather information on the people in this country. They're not only gathering what kind of websites or videos that they watch and learning from us that way they're also potentially getting our keystrokes to what buttons we push on our phones, but getting access to passwords could potentially violate our financial accounts and personal information, even health and information. It's a real threat to our country and we know China's our enemy. You know, they hate us. This is their agenda that they've had for hundreds of years is to destroy the United States of America and they're using this app to gather more information about American citizens and use it against us. So in South Dakota, we have banned the app on our servers on our networks, any state employee or contractor or someone who works with state government who accesses it or downloads the app. We'll face criminal penalties and that's something that we sent a clear message that we have a lot of personal information and state government that we're not going to allow China to hack into by using this app and I'm hopeful that other leaders in other states and in Congress will do the same.

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