Emboldened Biden, Dems push ban on so-called assault weapons


President Biden raged the idea of trying to pass an assault weapons ban after two mass shootings in a week, but he'll likely face an uphill battle in Congress. It was Thanksgiving Day after 6 people were gunned down in a Walmart and 5 killed at a Colorado Springs gay bar. I'm gonna try to get rid of a subway. On NBC's meet the press, Colorado governor Jared polis, says something needs to be done. It's about mental health. Of course, it's about gun policy. Of course, it's about anti LGBTQ rhetoric. But the Democrat says it can be done without invoking a ban. Where you need an additional license or background check for some of the most high powered weapons. Also on the show, Kentucky Republican congressman James comer. Cities that have the most strict gun laws like Washington, D.C., Chicago, these are the cities with the highest rate of crimes comer says he'd support legislation aimed at improving mental health access and boosting law enforcement. Jackie Quinn, Washington

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