Jeff Stein: Kevin McCarthy Is Not the Man to Lead Republicans


Stein, what say you? I say Kevin McCarthy is not the man to lead the Republican Party at this moment and those across the country who voted for new read of members of Congress, new Republicans, young faces who are going to go and take the fight to the capitol. Eased not the one that they're going to be able to relate to. He's not the one who needs to move the fight forward. I have never met the speaker, so I or the potential future speaker. But someone I trust here in the state of Iowa, what did meet him on the campaign trail not long ago? And he said, my impression is, he's only out for himself. And that's the vibe I think that we all feel. Now, if that could also coincide with what's best for the party and the nation, fine, but it seems like his number one job Todd has been how do I get to be speaker because I got edged out of it the last time. And it's sort of like, all right, when he gets the job, what's he going to do with it? It's like the dog chasing TJ's car once the dog catches the car. What are you going to do with it?

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