People Don't Want to Invest in the Traditional Energy Sector


Want to invest in the traditional energy sector here in the United States of America for a reason right now because they know that Joe Biden is going to be very hostile towards their investment. What do you think this ESG environmental social governance stuff is all about? They rate things green, yellow, red in terms of whether pension funds can actually put their money into these things. And that's all orchestrated to try and basically turn off this traditional energy. Well, in doing so, you make yourself more reliant and more dependent on all these countries that you don't want to be reliant and dependent on. I mean, heck, he didn't want to have to go over there to Saudi Arabia to say hello to MDS. Especially after the Khashoggi stuff, this is something that Joe Biden and the Democrats didn't want to have to do. But they did, he went and gave the little fist bump and now he's angry. He's angry that the Saudis are turning off that oil. Well, maybe you ought to have. Now I'm going on a limb. Maybe just want to have a solution, right? Is anybody playing chess instead of checkers? In a game of chess, you're thinking through what happens next. What are the next moves that could actually transpire? And I don't even want to think about them because they're so bad. But this is what we are supposed to be getting from our lawmakers and our leaders. We're not getting it. Hence all the inflation.

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