LaVine has 20 in 4th, Bulls beat Nets in 1st game after Nash


Zach lavine scored 20 of his 29 points in the fourth quarter leading the bulls to a one O 8 9 9 victory over the nets following a dramatic day in Brooklyn Levine played a key part in the 15 to two run in the fourth to gain control of the game for Chicago demar Derozan added 20 points of his own in the win The nets let go of head coach Steve Nash earlier in the day Nash had entered his third year with Brooklyn and Kevin Durant who finished the game with 32 points said he was shocked by the move You always show up and move like this happens but it's normal when NBA you know so it's about getting ready for the game and tonight The bulls move to four and four on the season while the nets fell to two and 6 Krishna Arnold New York

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