The Left Is Very Bitter About the SCOTUS Dobbs Decision...


The left is very bitter about the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision overruling roe versus wade. And they're trying to do whatever they can in a desperate, angry way to strike out, to lash out in every direction. Now, the Biden DoJ is arresting pro lifers, accusing them of violating the so called face act, the face act basically by obstructing or by blocking access to abortion clinics. Again, the left does this all the time. They do this on campus. They do it elsewhere. They are either not arrested or they are arrested and released immediately, but these pro lifers are facing long prison terms. So this is the deep inequity of injustice, the deep inequity of our society, and here we see the left in a different way trying to go after justices. Now, we've seen how they have protested at their homes. They've chased them out of restaurants, but now they're trying to get their books canceled. Wow, this shows the extent of it. So Amy Coney Barrett has a book contract with penguin random. This is Random House merger with penguin books. And it's apparently $2 million book advance for Amy Coney Barrett to tell her story and to lay out her judicial philosophy. And but there is a revolt in the publishing world. Several hundred, it turns out the number originally was a couple of hundred now it's over 600 publishing industry staffers. By the way, not just from Penguin Random House, but from all kinds of other publishers, Simon and Schuster, and Harper Collins, McMillan, they've all written a joint letter. Basically asking the publishing house not to publish Amy Coney Barrett's book to cancel the book.

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