MSNBC Blames Conservatives for Colorado Nightclub Shooting


The folks over at MSD and see they have finally figured out who to blame for this shooting at the gay club in Colorado Springs, cut 6, please. The theory is if you're fearful enough, you're not going to push back. But what we need to see happening is the exact opposite. We need to see accountability and consequences. So first, a real quick hate crime charge here on top of the homicide charges, I applaud that. That tells me, prosecutors and police, they found quickly what they needed. That means they know this was a bias crime. This is likely, and since we've heard reports that the subject isn't cooperating with police, that means they likely found clear and convincing evidence on his devices. If he's a consumer of the people we just rattled off from Lauren boebert to Tucker Carlson, let's get it out. Let's get it out at trial. Let's expose it for what it is. Name it and shame it. He's a consumer of these people and those people should pay civil consequences from the victims. Yeah, that's a heavy dose of grade 8 crap. Ladies and gentlemen, what we do know about this attacker is that he is 22 years old. He's a Mormon. I don't know if he likes to get Marie. I don't know. Just because you're Mormon, doesn't make come on, grace, just because you're a Mormon doesn't mean you like Donnie and Murray. Or the handsome. So the guy was a Mormon. So it's not like he's some sort of Southern Baptist. Or I don't know, Presbyterian. Why am I not picking on your denomination grace? Just step away from the microphone. You're just making up for the weeks loss. I am, I am here. But the whole point of this is that there's no proof that this guy we still even know if it is in fact a hate crime. But here's what here's what we do know that they have a George Soros district attorney in Colorado Springs, and this Yahoo let this guy walk when he threatened to blow up his mother.

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