Conservatives, We're Not Doing As Badly As We Think


Even a week or more than a week, week and a half after the midterm election, the result still seems perplexing, we haven't quite put it all the pieces together, figuring out what happened. And we aren't sure how really badly we did. It seems worrying on many fronts. But there are a number of encouraging developments as well. In fact, if you were to say, are we use the old Reagan question? Are we better off than we were before the midterms? And or even flashing back to a year ago, the answer is politically speaking, we are better off. And there's a very interesting there's a fellow who did a little summary of some good things that have happened. He makes a kind of a list. And he goes cheer up. He goes, we're not doing as badly as we sometimes think, or we're not doing as badly as we feel. He goes and here's his list. I'm just going to go through it and kind of comment on it. He goes, Trump is running. So this is obviously a Trump strays excited that Trump is running. He thinks that that is, you know, that brings back the prospect of the Trump era, which despite all the division and all the screaming and even some of Trump's own iras ability, they were very good years economically and very good years, even on the foreign policy front. Number two, Florida completely rad. This is a huge development. This is a state that's been a swing state. In fact, been a swing state going back. Remember the Bush gore election of 2000, which all hinged on Florida, and it was split right down the middle. And it was split right down the middle, even when desantis ran against Andrew gillum, the last time around, and the Santa squeaked out the narrowest of victory. So this is a very good thing, Florida, completely red.

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