Happy 80th Birthday, Mr. President


President is now 80. This is kind of a big deal because again, it's a first. It's a historic first. We have a very old president, but I think that's pretty evident to everyone. One of the questions now, however, becomes whether or not he's going to continue on, right? Because at some point you just say, I'm getting up there like Nancy Pelosi did, right? Well, you're getting up there, plus you're losing. And thus you have to start to say, maybe it's time for a change. Maybe the Democrat party needs to think about who else? Who else is out there and I'm not talking Kamala Harris because I don't think that she's winning material in any way, shape or form. It would be great for the GOP actually if they were to run Kamala Harris. But right now, it's looking increasingly like Joe Biden wants to maybe do this again, at least that's the message that he has been conveying recently in the media. They say they're going to look at it more closely between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, you know, that's like right about now. But he would be 82. 82 when he's running next time around, and then he would be, well, let's do the math. 86 by the time he leaves office. Already, he has shown numerous signs of his age. I'm not an ageist, you know that. And I do believe it's just a number. However, there are certain realities that you can not ignore when you're 80 years old. We've seen him now show signs of slowing. And if I am not talking about mental, I mean, I think in some way, shape or form, that's been obvious for a long time, perhaps even as long as 40 years ago, because you just can't ever quite seem to say the right thing. I do believe he was speaking about visiting Columbia recently when he meant Cambodia. So that kind of stuff. But, you know, he's done that forever. But nonetheless, there are some issues, certainly physically, you've seen he has a much slower gait right now, a halting gait and that's sort of in contrast to what we saw. Even as short as two years ago in 2020, remember, and he was jumping onto the stage on election night. So

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