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Frasers entire career has been about the sky. The matei woman began as a pilot. Then she started an aerial photography company. But it wasn't long before she aimed even higher. By being the first indigenous woman to launch an airline in Canada. Tara wants to bring an indigenous worldview to the skies. Welcome to unreserved Tara. Thank you for joining us today. Amazing. Thank you for having me. So if I as an average Joe, Joanne, Rosanna. Book a flight on his guillo air is my experience on your airline going to be different. What would I expect? Well, I think you would expect safe reliable service we have scheduled service from Vancouver to Qualcomm beach. Acknowledging the territory that we depart from that we arrive at. And onboard the aircraft I imagine you Rosanna flying from Vancouver to Qualcomm beach and taking in the beautiful view, the mountains and the sea and having an opportunity to see the land as a bird would. We have lots of things and ideas that are underway to collaborate with both beach first nation, as well as Muslim, to be able to tell some stories. We don't yet, but we aim to soon have in the seat back pockets, stories, and things that the nations wish for people that are traveling on our airline to know. Cool, I want to take your airline. Is there going to be tea and badnik is my question? Well, it's a short flight, but we have been exploring how we can offer indigenous foods or teas in our departure areas before flight and our engaging with other indigenous entrepreneurs to see how we can incorporate those things into the day. I love that this idea that you have of incorporating indigenous land acknowledgments, for example, or providing people with information and reading material for the trip over. And just the whole way that you want to be treating people, taking your airline, acknowledging the territory and the people and so on. How do you think this indigenous worldview, this perspective, these actions change or will change or improve even aviation as we know it? Well, I think that an indigenous worldview, it centers our humanness and our responsibility to our relations. And those things just quite naturally, in my view, shift everything. How we think about the land that we're traveling over, you know, when I witness the land from the air before I became a pilot, what led me to become a pilot, I imagine other people having that deeper connection to each other and to community, and I think that it sounds really simple Rosanna, but I think those are the things that shift everything. Yes. And what was your vision for esque air? So my vision for esco air was to connect people with the land to bring travelers to communities. To be able to, I don't know, show others the wonder of flight. And for me, I have come to realize that I'm a real entrepreneur and so I wanted to be able to create my own business in my own way and use what I've learned over the past two decades in this industry to see how I can, you know, not just provide service as an airline, but also look at how I can uplift indigenous peoples and communities in the work that I do. Uplift, I see what you did there. But why an airline? I mean, many people would be happy just to make it to be a pilot and to fly the aircraft or to be somebody who takes care of people in the air. Why did you go so far as to become a CEO owner of your own airline? Career as a pilot is very rewarding and challenging. And I had an entrepreneurial spirit that was awaiting to be a liberated and I wanted to be able to build something of my own where I could do things differently where I could focus on the things that I thought were important. And also use some of this to disrupt our industry, aviation aerospace is a very male dominated industry. With very few women. And so to be able to, I don't know, I guess just see what I could create. The name esque air, how does that name connect to your vision? So a scale is a key word for woman and I chose the name mindfully and boldly in an industry like mine. As an act of reclamation, reclamation of womanhood, reclamation of matriarchal leadership and reclamation of language. Interesting. When you say Remy creating remay trading the sky, what do you mean by that? Yeah, so we think of ourselves, you know, we imagine together reimagining re matrin and rebuilding an air transportation system centering equity and sustainability. And when I say remitting, it means a return to mother earth, how are we going to take care of mother earth, how we're going to uplift women in this industry. It means honoring matriarchal leadership and the unique ways that women lead with focus on care and community. And why do you believe that we need to re matri the sky? Is

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