John Zmirak: America Is Patty Hearst


Talk about the piece that you wrote behind you. People who watch this on video can see behind you the image of a young Patty Hearst, symbiote, the symbionese Liberation Army in the 70s when we were kids kidnapped her. She was of extremely wealthy heiress. And people who are younger wouldn't know this, but something happened. Her captors sort of brainwashed her into thinking the way they were thinking. So that she sided with the people who tortured and raped and kidnapped her. And it's called Stockholm syndrome. And you've written a piece that's streamed dot org that deals with that. So go ahead and tell us about that piece. Yeah, Patti Hearst was grabbed by a bunch of San Francisco radicals of the kind that formed Kamala Harris, Willie Brown was the political mentor of Kamala Harris. He was also the political mentor of Harvey Milk, the gay activist and the reverend Jim Jones, the left wing cult leader who started that compound in Guyana and got everyone to take cyanide and drink in the Kool-Aid. This ferment, this world of crazed radicalism is what gave birth to the woke movement, which currently dominates the entire Democratic Party and is being posed on the United States.

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