Pastor Robert Jeffress: Christmas Isn't Just for Christians


A pastor Jeffers I was reading the beautiful op-ed you wrote for Fox News, Christmas isn't just for Christians. Why is that? You know, I had a high school student in Orlando who watches our TV program, email me and said, what should I say to my classmates who keep disparaging Christianity and talking about all the evil that's been done in the name of Christianity? And I wrote back to her and this is the basis for the op-ed. I said, you know, you ought to go ahead and mate. You have some horrible things that have been done in the name of Christ, but many more good things have been throughout history, done in the name of Christ. I mean, think about it. Great works of art like the Sistine Chapel, great works of architecture like Notre-Dame, the founding of great colleges like Harvard and Yale, the printing press, all of these things. Benevolent organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation army, all of these things were created by followers of that baby born 2000 years ago in a feeding trial. And I think that's one reason Todd. The angels said that the shepherds becoming a Christ is good news of great joy for all the people. The whole world has benefited from the coming of Christ 2000 years ago. And of course, the main reason he came was to give us what we needed most to forgiveness of sins and that gift is available to everybody, bad does Catholics, Muslims, atheists, Jews. It's not just for some people, it's a gift for all people to receive. You know,

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