Could Liz Cheney Become the New House Speaker?


Some rather bizarre information coming from Capitol Hill. So I didn't think this was a possibility, but it sort of makes sense. So there is some concern that if the Republicans only have a one or two seat majority in the House of Representatives, that you could have some establishment or moderate Republicans. Siding with the Democrats and installing Liz Cheney as Speaker of the House. You say, well Todd Liz Cheney's she lost her congressional race. She's not in Congress, doesn't matter. According to the rules of the House, the speaker does not have to be an elected member of Congress, which is why so many people were suggesting, oh, let's get Donald Trump as the Speaker of the House. Well, I don't think you're going to be able to do that if you've got some renegade establishment Republicans out there who would be threatening and there are some and we're going to be naming names who are suggesting they would be supportive of Liz Cheney. This is one of the reasons why MTG and by the way, one of those individuals is congressman Don bacon from Nebraska. So this is why Marjorie Taylor Greene came out yesterday and said that she is supporting Kevin McCarthy. She's afraid that people might jump ship and that there would be enough votes to install Liz Cheney as the Speaker of the House. This is how crazy it's getting here, people. Can you imagine?

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