Bolsonaro Challenges Brazil Election He Lost to Lula


The United States media and also the western media have kind of gone silent on Brazil following the Brazilian election. So it's almost like the media left heaved a collective sigh of relief. Oh, our man Lula da Silva socialist has beaten Bolsonaro and basically we are now looking forward to all of Latin and South America falling into the hands of the left. Which by the way is a danger as possibility. But in Brazil, the issue is not settled at all, it seems. There have been continuing massive demonstrations. Most recently a demonstration in front of the military headquarters, apparently over 2 million people. Think about that. 2 million people in Brazil make a big country, but nevertheless, this is a this is one of the largest crowds that you'll see anywhere in the world. And what are the people saying they're basically saying that this is an election that demands to be audited. So in other words, this is, in a sense, familiar territory. They're saying that there was a lot of cheating in the election, particularly in the Rio de Janeiro area, spent some discussion of whether there have been there was pre programming of the machines and apparently there's now a divide in Brazil between the Defense Department and the Supreme Court.

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