Nevada ACLU requests probe into alleged partisan hand-count


Nevada's ACLU as requested a probe into an allegedly partisan hand count Nevada's American civil liberties union wants the Republican Secretary of State barbarous sagacity to investigate why a GOP volunteer packing a handgun on her waistband kicked one of their observers out of the room where mail in ballots were being hand tallied It happened last week in Nye county a rural area 60 miles west of Las Vegas which has about 33,000 registered voters Night county commissioners voted for a hand count of every ballot in response to complaints by residents that echoed conspiracy theories about voting machines interim clerk Markov says the observer that was kicked out was tallying votes on a notepad something that is not allowed After just two days the hand count was shut down Nevada Supreme Court issued a ruling that the count had to be conducted in a way that prevents the public release of early results The ACLU had complained that among other things officials were reading the candidate's names out loud from the ballots within hearing distance of public observers confess says he submitted a new hand count plan to the Secretary of State's office that he hopes to get approved this week I'm Jennifer King

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