David Carlucci: Titles Can Be Deceiving


Urban areas, suburban to an extent, but your urban suburban areas are going to be your more blue or purple if you would. Everywhere else in this country is red, okay? You look at the maps for the last 20 years in presidential elections. It's this massive red country except for the blue popping, you know, in the areas we talk about. And that just happens. And I think it is funny. Yeah, I mean, I see my side, you know, we got this and right now, frankly, and just, you know, I'll be honest. McCarthy's got a problem. And it's a problem that I've talked to members in the caucus that have said, if he gives too much. And right now he's got four or 5 and just say, hey, no, we're not going to vote for you. So there's not a lot to give, but if he did, then you start to lose other members of the party. And it's the same truth. I love how y'all do it though. I love how the Democrats do it in Congress. In their elections, if they have a controversy or a different group, they just make vice chairs. I have never seen a conference that had more leadership positions than the House democratic caucus. It is the most amazing thing about it. Well, I'll tell you, that's something I've done a lot of work on the state legislatures. And it's been a lot of fun because you get to learn about these 99 different chambers in the United States. Because every state has two chambers, except for Nebraska, which is unicameral. But so you see the party leadership or the party in power in the chamber, you got to be very careful because majority leader might mean something different from state to state. You can have conference leader. And I've seen that on display in New York. Back over about 15 years ago, there was all these titles. And the conference leader was really the leader. You know, the majority leader was just ceremonial, but you had to know what was going on. But you see that in these chambers where these titles can be deceiving.

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