Jim Hanson and Jack Posobiec Talk Freedom Conveys Sweeping the Globe


We are joined by the ambassador of trucker Stan, the man himself Jack posobiec. Hey, brother, how you doing? Yes, it is honk master posto. I've come down from the great wilds of the north and really to tell you how this thing has spread like a Prairie fire across the entire northern tier of this border, we're also now getting reports through telegram and getter and just all the different chats out there that there are freedom convoys now going across Europe, specifically we're talking about in Vienna, the actual liberation of Vienna in this Brussels in Belgium, and then even in France, they've called it the combo de la liberte, is now amassing outsiders. Those sound great, the convoy de la lique is amassing outside of Paris. President Macron has deployed armed police vehicles, armored police vehicles, the riot squad right controls to try to block them from coming into Paris so it really looks that this weekend is going to be an inflection point, not just Ottawa, not just that ambassador bridge, not just Edmonton coming up towards Calgary and Alberta and then Manitoba as well all across the Canadian border. You're now seeing this in Europe. I'm getting reports of Romania, New Zealand. This is coming in all over the place.

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