Who Is Jim Hanson, President of Security Studies Group?


But let's start at the beginning because this is what we do with all our long form guests. So tell them who is Jim Hanson. What is he done and how did he get to be the head of this organization? Wow. The real way I got to be it was I went to the university of Wisconsin Madison as a young 18 year old back when UW mad city was the number one party school in America as rated. And I got serious number one. This is number one by Playboy magazine. They rated UW max city number one. I took a bunch of classes. I took Hebrew because I was thinking about joining the IDF. I took astronomy to stop that. Okay, so can you just explain that? Why are we going to join these red defense forces? Because of entebbe. Is the greatest commando raid? Are you circumcised? Yeah. And I mean how to speak the alphabet? I had a body in my unit in the British intelligence reserves, went to serve with the what do they call them multinational for MFR? The MFA in the Sinai. And he fell in love with Israeli. I wanted to. 8 32, you had to get circumcised. Ouch. Don't know, please don't go there. Okay, so Hebrew I'm taking tags I'm doing that. I'm thinking about all those things. But top party school in the country. I got 5 incompletes. That's impressive. My dad was not impressed. Who is the Vietnam vet and West Point grad? No way. Yeah, to two tours of Vietnam. So he got the envelope and he opens it up and he looks at it and looks at me and looks at it again and looks at me. Crumples it up, throws it in the fireplace and says, you need to find a place to live and a job because I'm not paying for school anymore. So you out. I kicked me out and said, you might want to consider joining the army because they can't fire your raising butt. So are you a good joke? That kicks you out and joined the army. That is a good story. It's a great one. It should be pretty commercial because after that, things

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