Sydney Watson Not Surprised Joe Biden Wants More Social Media Censorship


So Joe Biden earlier today you may not have heard it but it's the same thing you've heard a thousand times from a thousand times from leftist was calling for social media companies to censor content He didn't agree with on coronavirus Now Sydney I find that talking point from the left that I hear often just kind of fascinating because it's people like you and I who have been the things we've been discussing eventually came to fruition and came to be true that masks were largely ineffective that maybe we should ask questions about the vaccine despite you just taking it as face value is going to be 90% effective Things like hey these lockdowns don't really seem to effective They don't really seem to be doing things So we were actually the true tellers and the irony of that again you have the most powerful man in the world now calling for social media companies to squash content you and I put out that was largely predictive of where we are right now Yeah I mean I was watching a press conference that he gave this morning where he was saying social media platforms I implore you get rid of all the disinformation and misinformation Honestly again I'm not really surprised And when I was living in D.C. actually Biden's campaign manager was my landlord And so I remember the few conversations that the few conversations that my housemate who works on the hill she and I would have with these people I remember thinking God if you're the future of this country where I can't swear on your show but where asked basically so yeah hearing these talking points coming particularly from the president and some of these other big players in our political space It worries me in the sense that what you said is a 100% correct If we're making predictions or people are making predictions about the trajectory of the country or some of these policies and mandates and whatnot And there's a kernel of truth to them Why wouldn't we want to have access

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