Boris Johnson Receives Sue Gray's Partygate Report


I want to update you on the breaking news. Boris Johnson will address the House of Commons at three 30 in Great Britain. It is now 1240 in Great Britain, and when he does that, we will know how deep the trouble he is in. I do not know what's in the gray report, nobody does. I'm looking at all the newspapers, the gray report is the report on the prime minister and his team partying during COVID lockdowns. It is grabbed him in a scandal, which is threatened to topple his premiership. The 1922 committee requires I believe 52 letters from members of parliament. Requesting a vote of no confidence, in which, of course, labor would join toppling the prime minister as happened to Theresa May because she fumbled on Brexit, Boris Johnson delivered on two years ago today, as a matter of fact, effectively getting Great Britain out of the European Union and God bless him for that, but will he survive this? I don't know. I don't know what's in the report, but I'm watching and keeping it in front of me every minute of every hour.

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