In 1985, Joe Biden Used the N-Word


And Larry elder had a great tweet today. He writes poor apologetic Joe Rogan. He now says whites should never use the N word no matter the intent or context. Larry says, no, shall we cancel Mel Brooks? So he can repent for the crime of the movie blazing saddles. Or how about this guy? I'll play a clip for you. Maybe you'll recognize his voice. This is from years ago admittedly, 1985. Patient that important legislatures and legislators and defeating the Nunez plan in the basement said quote, we already have married. We don't need any more big shots in a court cited evidence of discriminatory intent on the part of other legislators, including the representative who testified at the court hearing. You know, I wish we could get a more accurate way to beep because sometimes the beep, especially when she spotted somebody's talking fast like that. And I debated whether to beep it because we don't do a great job of bleeping things. We always go overboard. I just want a little quick bleep. That's Joe Biden. Using the N word, not saying the N word using the word and in fairness in context, he was quoting somebody else. But that's what Joe Rogan did. Years ago, he was doing the exact same thing.

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