Donald Trump on Afghanistan: The Greatest Disgrace in US History


And we are honored to have my former boss with us here on our national radio show America first across the country. President Trump welcome back. Thank you very much Sebastian. Mister president, let's start at the beginning. How different was your approach to national security? There was no woke up under the U.S. Military when you were commander in chief, talk to our millions of lessons across the country about your plans for Afghanistan, the conditions based withdrawal and what we have witnessed the disaster we've witnessed in the last three weeks. Maybe the greatest, most embarrassing disaster we've ever witnessed in our country. The difference was almost first of all it was the opposite. It was the exact opposite. We knocked out ISIS. When I took in, when I took over, ISIS was all over the Middle East. We knocked out 100% of the ISIS caliphate. I noticed now they call it ISIS K so you'll explain that. But we knocked out 100% of the ISIS caliphate. We took out Al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS. And you know what else and who else we took out? We took out plenty. And we were in total control in terms of Kabul and in terms of Afghanistan. They weren't even close to us. We were going to get people because I believe in getting at 21 years enough and we were like a police force over there and they've got to take care of themselves and as you know better than anybody at particular as soon as we leave, they would stop fighting. And they were fighting for a lot of money. They were among the highest paid soldiers in the world paid for by the American taxpayer. So that's exactly what happened. What we were going to do is get our citizens out, take out other people who deserve to be taken out. Then we're going to knock the hell out of the bases, but before we did that, we're going to take out all of our military equipment. I said down to the nails and the screws in the bolts. Everything out nice and easily. And then we take out the soldiers and probably blow up the bases because why should we give them to somebody else to use? So that was it. And Bagram, we were going to keep because bargara is near China and near Iran and also in Afghanistan. So it covered a lot of territory. So I would have kept that and it's a great area for exactly what it represents. So they spent billions and billions of dollars building it. That's the big Air Force Base. So I think the biggest in the world actually. So we would have kept that instead we fled like there was no reason for it. The soldiers come out last and the army, the military comes out last. After the people and after all of the $83 billion worth of the most highly sophisticated military equipment anywhere in the world, it is a disgrace what's taken

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