Obama and the Beach House Loopholes


One more thing about mister Obama building his second mansion in Hawaii. He apparently is trying to retain a seawall that neighbors believe is eroding the beach, I guess he's not too concerned about the beach, and he couldn't be too concerned about global warming or climate change because supposedly climate change is going to cause the waters to rise. He's got two homes right on the water. One for $12.5 million in Martha's Vineyard, and now a multi-million dollar mansion in Hawaii. I mean, I do think at a certain point you've made enough money. Why the long face Barack? You're in Hawaii. On your multi-million dollar property overlooking construction on your new ocean front of state. Well, it seems like his neighbors are angry at him for destroying their beaches. Big green guy, Barack Obama is using a loophole to keep a hundred year old sea wall up, but people say it's eroding their beaches and screwing around with the coastal environment

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