Lord Conrad Black on the Significance of 3 Back-to-Back 2-Term Presidents


Your last book was about president Trump? How much of all of this apparent insanity or radicalism or anger at your fellow voter from Clinton's deplorables to the January 6th speech by a Biden? How much of it is a function of just how different a kind of president Donald Trump was and that he wasn't your classic former senator congressman or retired general lord black. I think that's a large part of it. But I would also say Sebastian that. The period of Clinton George W. Bush and Obama was the only the second time in American history where you had three consecutive two term presidents. Unwrap the significance of that. Well, I mean, normally there's more of a back and forth and things being up for grabs unless sort of serenity. Now you can only take two terms after FDR who took four. So that's as many as anyone can have. And at the last time, you had three consecutive two term presidents was Jefferson Madison and Monroe and I was 200 years ago. And it put another way in the 32 years from 1981 to 2013, 8 terms, one member or other of the bush or Clinton families was the president of the vice president of the Secretary of State and members of both those family south of nomination of their parties for president in

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