Why Are We Tearing Down America's Fundamental Institutions? Rep. Kat Cammack Explains


I want to switch gears for just a minute, because you and I have you were married into it. I was born into it. And that is being a, for me, a son of a Georgia state trooper, you're the wife of a firefighter of first responder. Those kind of I know I've watched you on the floor, this has become a very, with all things going on with our defund the police with this idea of our first responders. And it goes to what we were just talking about the civility issue. Why is it that we seem especially many on the left right now seem to be tearing down at the very fundamental institutions of our society of Law & Order of safety, those kinds of things. How does that make you feel within your own family? I know from my perspective, it's very discouraging. Are we at a turning point here? Have we gotten better or was it, or do you think it's going to get worse? I think it's going to get worse before it gets better. I mean, I really do think that collectively across the nation, there are some very, very tough conversations happening around the kitchen table. And I know that because my own husband and I Matt, we've had those conversations. My husband's a firefighter, but he's also a S.W.A.T. medic. So he goes out on the most dangerous calls. And we're seeing increased violent crime across America. And it's really scary when you get the call out at 11 o'clock at night and putting on a ballistic vest and you're seeing some of the details of the call out. And it's all barricaded subject, multiple weapons or gang shooting, still in progress. Something like that. You don't know if they're going to walk back through that door in a few hours. There's no way of knowing because we've lost such a respect in this country for the very people who put it all on the line every single day. And we've really dehumanized law enforcement and first responders. And so my push has always been to one show the support for the collective first responder community and their families, but we need to start recognizing that there is a person behind the badge.

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