Christian Toto: The Woke Mentality Interrupts the Creative Flow of New Films


What they do Let me ask you this about Hollywood What is going on with all the crap they're pumping out lately Christian I mean I have not seen it I don't get to the movies much but I have not seen a good movie whether on cable or in a movie theater on any of these apps In eons I mean I just watched this matrix resurrections which again Jim's Jim's laughing I haven't even started yet Christian Listen everyone involved in that movie should be prosecuted At the end of the international court they should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity The people with the exception of Keanu but outside of Keanu no one should be average People should be sued damages should be issued for anyone who watched that The actors should be banned from public life forever They should be quarantined in their homes I mean I'm kidding of course I'm a conservative but you get the point The movie was awful With all these money going into Hollywood and all these genius woke areas you think they'd be able to at least make a decent sci-fi movie and they can't do it Yeah that's a great point And while we just it is interesting that there have been so few good movies this year Whenever I look at the Oscar bait movies and it comes awards season which we're in right now I was thinking okay I've seen some of these films Some of them are pretty good but they're not great They're not memorable I'm not scrambling to watch them over and again It's like I can't wait I can't stop thinking about them And I think part of it is there's a lot of different complicated reasons But part of it is what I opened my book with If you're a screenwriter today you open up your laptop you want to write a great story And you think well what if this character is a sense of what if that group is offended by this What if I can't say this or can't share that What if I can't make the bad guy truly bad What about the hero has some flaws and that upset some people What the woke mentality does is it interrupts the creative flow and causes self censorship and that does not create great art at

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