Bart Herbison Tells Us About the Nashville Songwriters Association


When I talk about the Nashville songwriter association, they asked, well, what is that? So let's start off here, but just won't tell a little bit about how you got into this and also about the national songwriters as well. Well, me first a little hoity toity. My father was a painter in Paris. A house painter in Paris Tennessee. And look, we grew up in a rural area, somewhat poor, and music was the thing. Music, my grandma played piano in our little Methodist Church, and everybody was musical in my family. Three brothers played Trump at I blew mine, the other two played theirs. And I guess it's 16 years old. I got a job as a dish jockey at the local radio station, which was an NBC affiliate, and ended up doing some work on a national show they had. But a guy that grew up with me became a very famous songwriter named Jimmy Stewart, he wrote brotherly love, the last number one for Keith. Whitley, a little less talk for Toby, and I just was always drawn to that. I always drawn to they just make this up out of thin air and I said as a child some day somehow I'll work with American songwriters, and I did. For us, the origin story, I don't sing, but remember please release me let me go. The waste our lives would be a sin, release me and let me love again. That was written by Eddie Miller. Yeah, singing was not part of that too at bar. It takes a while to pass the bill. And he was a real southern gentleman, and he thought we can orgas the songwriters. There were only 80 songwriters total 80 in the entire town of Nashville in 1967. And he reached out to all of them and a lot didn't want to risk their career because even our friends within the music industry didn't necessarily want to see the songwriters quote unquote organize. But Eddie got married John wilkin Chris Christopherson fully and boulevard Bryant Liz and Casey Anderson, a bunch of really important songwriters and 42 risk their careers to become an advocate advocacy group for American

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