Dr. Peter McCullough Describes the 'Clean the Nose' Protocol for COVID


Just, I want to focus on one thing you mentioned because you said it quickly and we have some new listeners and we have some listeners that are just beginning to get exposed to this doctor because you've been in this sense the very beginning and some of this we kind of get so used to saying we act as if everyone's heard it. Just be very specific about the cleaning of the nose protocol because that is new for some people to hear. Okay, we clean the nose with what's called viral treatment. Now, that's papa Don iodine. Also known as bed at 9. It comes in a bottle. It's a brown iodine solution. It always comes in a 10% solution, which is standard. So look for better dynasty brand name of it. Povidone iodine. And then you take a half a teaspoon of that, mix it in a shot glass of water, 1.5 ounces. And then take a bulb syringe or a spray bottle and spray it way up in the nose and you gotta snip it back and choke on it a little bit and then spit it out. That's actually washes the back of the nose. That kills the virus on contact. You'll actually see the fever go down. It really cleans out the sinuses. And it works for other colds and sinus infections. I tell you, I'm not going to ever suffer with the cold again. Now that I've learned this, you know, sinus doctors have been doing this for years. Once I started talking to Dennis and sinus doctors, I think, yeah, we've been doing this forever. I go, what? They said, yeah, and now it turns out the studies are clear. There's a meta analysis by Chopra, randomized trial by chowder at this. It's clear it works. It's unequivocal that it works. And the bottom line is we can kill the virus edit source. We know what the Alma cron variant is multiplying 70 times faster than delta. We're talking a massive explosion in the nose. That's where the fever is coming from, even if there's not much nasal congestion, hit it up in the nose, it really

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