Jason Johnson: Republican Party Is a 'Dimestore Front for a Terrorist Movement'


Jason Johnson is a professor tenure professor Morgan State University He appears regularly on MSNBC And this is a very in my view diabolical individual with a language that he uses And anything goes Anything goes It's really quite shocking So many of these individuals they won't condemn communist China For the genocide they're committed against Muslims So they take it out and attack the Republican Party I want you to listen to this man Why is he invited on MSNBC If the executives there and the executives at Comcast didn't approve of this kind of behavior Cut one go Here's the problem though We don't know if Trump's going to be on the back If Trump is on the ballot in 2024 it's the easiest thing and the world for Democrats because you could always run against the bad guy But I think the bigger more dangerous thing and I've been saying this for a while I'm working hard to never say Republican Party again Because there's not a party right There shouldn't fain to the IRA They're the plo to Hamas They're a dime store front for a terrorist movement They dime store up front for a terrorist movement

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