Sara Carter: Some Sources Suspected Spying Back in 2019


And you know there's this small circle of us who followed this case very closely You John Solomon Greg Jarrett you know Jeff Carlson You know I can think of a cash was one of the investigators and forgive me if I'm leaving anyone else not intentional I mean Mark Levin who broke the story originally about the fisa born in many respects into the mainstream But this was new Sarah this allegation here that the Clinton team gained access to DNS or web search data from Trump Tower the Trump residents and possibly the Trump White House We know V White House but possibly the Trump White House did you know anything about this because cash didn't and I didn't which says to me there's a source talking to dorm right now There are sources talking to Dora I'm going to tell you what I've wanted to say for a long time There is there are sources that contended and I going way back to 2019 I had to go through all of my notes and all of the folks that I talked with Dan because as you know we had so much information coming our way and you had to sift through it to make sure was this verified Is this accurate How do you know this I know you did that I know why I did that every time we came forward with something or every time we talked about something we had to verify it through multiple sources Back in 2019 I had been told that there were people within our government people within the NSA and people that were connected to it That had suspicions that there was traffic being monitored coming out of Trump Tower I didn't know about The White House Trump

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