America First with AZ Senate Candidate Jim Lamon


A lot of people are interested in this race. So we're airing this to our national audience. We're headquartered in Arizona, and we're talking to all the candidates and I've known you for a long time and I could speak to your character. You've been very good to us. I want to make sure everyone knows that. But there is a common theme where people are worried that we're going to get someone who talks a good game and does something different. Talk a little bit about that. That's one of the reasons why you're running, isn't it? Exactly. The quintessential example of that is who we have in the Senate now. Mark Kelly, as a moderate, I don't think many people believe that, but we can see what's occurred in his Senate time there is voting a course a 100% with what the most left want. Unionization of Arizona, open border, CRT, and just crazy things that he's doing there. As a veteran and a businessman, you can't do that in business. You can't promise your customers one thing and do another. You won't have a customer. And then other customers will understand that's not a company to be trusted. So look very forward to doing that in Washington is I've talked all across this beautiful state thousand miles a week and record audience is just great enthusiasm that guys from our priorities for the layman campaign. One, secure the southern border, that borders we just don't have a country. Number two, let's get back to America first. Not China first, like Biden and Kelly seem to have done that America first. And then thirdly, get the federal government out of our face. All these mandates and mandatory this and stuff, we didn't have that when I grew up and we just don't need it today. We get back to solid American principles, trust locally. The federal government is supposed to be fairly small. They were given a limited amount of power. I intend to be hell bent on making sure we get it back to that on the Senate

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