Is It Time for a Refresh at the FBI? Matt Whitaker Weighs In


This as well as the vast majority of FBI DoJ is 99%. I mean, they're tired of this. I think, you know, I've talked to them, and I know you have, well, they're just tired of this. You're right. Do we go back? Because you were sitting at the top of the ladder there. You saw some of this play out, you've known some of these players, is it time just for, I mean, down to some deputy level, it's time for a refresh at the FBI, probably at DoJ as well. And how do we make how can we encourage that to happen? Because this has gotten singing grain. Yeah. It is. I think it's also time for Congress quite frankly to exert its really one lever that it has. And that is funding. There needs to, you know, the FBI has, I think, maybe 30 agents dedicated to lobbying Congress. They are very effective at building these relationships, explaining their mission, explaining how important their mission is and how they do their mission. But when you're priorities are taking people off of violent crime, international terrorism, you know, listen, we've had 50 people in terrorist watch list try to enter our country in the last year on the southern border. You know, all of these issues, Doug. I think it's time to start having a conversation legitimate conversation about funding for the FBI and their priorities because they always come and then they ask for more money. I supported, for example, them plussing up their cyber capabilities seemed important seems sort of forward leaning. But you know, what I think they're using those resources for instead of doing the issues I just described and so many other important issues, you know, child sex trafficking and just there's a million issues, as you know, that the FBI investigates. I think they're spending way too much time on these political cases. For example, this one against Donald Trump,

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