Don't Take Trumpian Threats Lightly Says Malcolm Nance


You just said don't take these threats lightly. I warned about this exact possibility of arresting indicting Trump launching an armed reaction, and sure enough there they all are over right-wing world, trying to gin up violence. Yeah, you know, one of the places where I see quite a bit of it is the Patriots dot win, which is what we used to be the Donald dot win. And that is some hardcore crazy in that place. And you know, they're saying things maybe not completely openly, but they're couching in Marjorie Taylor Greene language, right? Like this is outrageous. We have to do something. About that. And this is for those of you who haven't seen my book, they want to kill Americans. Well, now you know what they want to kill Americans over. Well, we were saying the number one trending was lock and load. That was the number one trending comment. What is it called, the Donald something? Yeah. It used to be the Donald dot win. Now it's patriots that went. But it's a big ball of crazy. And you know, it's not to be taken lightly at all. I know that, you know, we always come on here and I get all mix shouty and spell out doom and gloom. Well, we're seating the leaves getting edges of this. Now, on the other hand, there is some good rays of sunshine out of this. Not many people actually came to Mar-a-Lago. And actually protested out there. But the ones that did were straight up crazy. The capital K

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