What Makes America Exceptional? Bill Federer Explains


Bill, I've been following you for years. We've shared so much time together. You have the ability to be able to analyze the arc of history and then be able to apply it to today. I've asked you this question before in our podcast. But I think it's really important for our audience to hear this. What makes America different and exceptional from a biblical standpoint and historical standpoint is America like every other nation that's been on the face of the earth and if not, why? In answer to that, I decided I would research every century of recorded human history to see what the most common form of government was. So I went back to Sumerian cuneiform on clay tablets and the elamites and the Persians and the Greeks and Romans and the most common form of government in world history is kings. Hands down, it's kings. Nimrod tower Babel pharaoh Caesar's power wants to concentrate into the hands of one person. It's no different than you put some kids on a playground and one's the bully. You put them junior high girls in a clique and one of them is the diva. You put some people in the Woods, one of them's an Indian chief. You put them in an inner city, one of them is a gang leader. And all the king is, is a glorified gang leader. And it's a hierarchical system. If you are friends with the king, you are more equal. If you are not friends with the king, you are less equal. And if you're an enemy of the king, you're a slave or you're dead. Well, I thought slavery started in 1619. No, wherever you had the first king on top you had slaves on the bottom. And this model continued with technological advancements, kings could kill more people, right? So instead of cane killing neighbor with a stone, they're killing with a bronze weapon or an iron weapon or a failing spear, similar sword gunpowder. The weapon improves, but it's that same fall in nature, it can't kill enable. And also with technological advancements, kings could track more people. Do you know Augustus Caesar wanted to have a worldwide tracking system? It was called a census that was like modern technology 25 BC, right? He wanted to count. If he could have had 5G and cell phones and cameras, he would attract him that way. But as the centuries go on, the king of England had the biggest empire that Planet Earth had ever seen, 13 million square miles, half a billion people. Anyway, the sun never set on the British Empire, the king of England was a globalist. He was a one world government guy with him at the top and America's founders decided they didn't like this one world government guy telling us what to do. We broke away and flipped it. And made the people the king.

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