What Happened With Crypto Over the Weekend?


So what happened over the weekend? Well, lots happened, but not a lot as well. As far as the market goes, look, we've not really seen too much in the way of anything significant or interesting. We have been seeing more and more frequently a lot of sucking up of, I guess, what you'd say, momentum and also volatility. We've seen very little volatility over the weekends of late, whether that's because we've got more traditional plays in our market now or it's more economic data that's driving it or possibly even the fact that we've just seen a lot of retail participants start to dissipate with this downward market that we've been sort of suffering from all year really. It's been pretty much a 2022 bear market thus far. But yeah, not a great deal of activity. I did my scan with FTX this morning on the YouTube channel. So go and have a look at that, give it a like, subscribe, do all those sorts of things. And look realistically, it was one of the slowest weeks I've seen in a very, very long time. And that doesn't mean we were not able to get in there and find some really good opportunities. If you had a look at my FTX video on again, it's on YouTube, it's never free. If you haven't been there for Friday afternoon skin, you would have seen a number of options that did play out very, very well. Now, we're working down on those 30 minute one hour time frames. And that's sort of the, I think what I'm going to be doing from now on whilst we've got the sideways markets, because the four hour doesn't have any trend at the moment, they're very average looking charts for the most part. is also very confused and not very inspiring. And last week we did get three days where we sold off and it was basically between two of those really, really few days that there was significant profits that were available to be had. I mean, some of those profits were very significant. You're talking, you're talking 15 to one, really, really strong, strong, strong moves.

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