Mike Lindell Sounds OFF on His Political Persecution


Take notes, you are living through history. We've never lived through anything like this. Where you have cartel narco drug traffickers, you have unsolved murders in our cities. You have fentanyl pouring into our communities and what does the government focus on? The man who sells you Giza dream sheets and pillows. Crime at all time high in certain parts of the country and they're going after the pillow man. Mike, how did the conversation end with the Federal Bureau of Investigation? Well, I did give him my phone and I said, when can I get it back? They wouldn't let me know that. And I said, and then we started talking, I actually talked to him. I said, well, you know, why are you guys doing this? Why don't you, you know, this doesn't make sense. And we went into it again, and he said, he actually said Charlie said, well, his brother had read my book. So I actually started talking to them about the lord and the times we're in. The gods got his hand in all of this. And I said, you know, when we get through this, I believe we're in the biggest revival for Jesus Christ in history. And like you just said it, we're in a historical times here, everybody. And I told those guys the FBI goes, well, I'm only doing our job. Weaponized by the government, if you guys really have a moral compass and you better, you better do something. You better be a whistleblower. You got to step out and then like I said, he gave me this sheet to not say anything. And it says, although the law does not require non disclosure unless the court orders issued, we believe that the impact of any disclosure could be detrimental to the investigation. If you do not believe that you can comply with this request, please notify Aaron Tito bomb. He's an assistant United States attorney general. Well, you know what I did to Aaron. I went on my show on Frank speech of 6 p.m. yesterday and said Aaron. This is your notification. I'm not going to let you guys intimidate and suppress the evidence of what I've had and what I have had for a year and a half. This is the biggest cover up for the biggest crime in history.

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