Debra Burlingame: The Left Loves Using Clemency to Pander


What do you make of these negotiations for crying out loud Well what I think is happening is they simply they want to end this They want to they want to take it off the table They wanted that from day one But it's something that is I think characteristic of what the Democrat party is become And at least our Democrat leaders they love giving clemency as sort of a pan to the left They did it with the weather underground people They did it with the FAL which engaged in something like a 146 bombings killing Americans cops they blinded to bomb squad comps They pulled up all these things They were all given clemency by the Clinton administration Even Carter let off the Puerto Rican nationalists who opened fire on the Senate you know shooting 5 senators one guy got shot in the chest He gave him clemency They've been sentenced to 75 years So I just think this is it's a weakening our country but when it comes to 9 11 that is beyond the pale Mark we lost 3000 people We sent our men young men and women to war 7000 people have died in the war on terror That's military Tens of thousands have been maimed loss of limbs undergone unbelievable hardships from their wounds We can't treat that as a nothing

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