Jeff Katz: Pres. Trump Declassified Things He Wanted Us to See


I think personally that some of what you are seeing. Is an effort to make sure that the American people do not see things. That president Trump declassified a whole bunch of stuff that he wanted us to see. And now they're those in D.C. at the highest levels Merrick Garland. Joe Biden staff. I don't know that anybody told Joe Biden about this. I mean, look, I got to be honest on this one, right? I don't know that anybody notified Joe Biden and quite frankly, even if they did, he wouldn't remember 90 seconds later, so it probably doesn't make any difference. But you need to tell me that the former president of the United States going to have his house raided and the chief of staff to the current president, Ron klain doesn't know. I don't buy that for a second. So

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