Hard Hitting Truths With Kurt Schlichter


Just start off where we're at right now. The Democrats have gotten, I think the panic is set in that November is coming. And they're doing everything they possibly can to avoid what is shaping up to be a wipe out, especially in the house, probably in the Senate. And then all of a sudden, out of the blue, and you're an attorney, I'm an attorney. You have the FBI just go pull an amazingly stupid stunt as a way to peers right now. Where are we at right now? What's going on? They're continuing their effort to frame Donald Trump for the same reason they have for 6 years. It's really a message to anyone who's not within the establishment that the incompetence losers, weirdos and mutations who make up our ruling class are not going to just give up power. They're going to try and hold on. Look, this isn't a flex from strength. This is a flex from weakness. And I'm not even sure that they expected the blowback that they got. So it took a little while for a lot of Republicans to find their spine. The first day McConnell wouldn't say anything about it. Because there were floods. And that's all he could talk about. He had to talk about the floods. Boy, McConnell. Boy, he used to be a knife fighter. Now he's really becoming a joke. I mean, if you can get your behind handed to you like he did by Chuck Schumer, which is like being tricked by your beagle, you know, you're losing a step. And then Tim Scott, who's perfectly nice guy. I like Tim Scott. I love him as a neighbor. He's got no business being a leader of the Republican Party or a candidate for president because he just does a gay. He actually goes on CBS News. And says, we need to wait and see what this is about and what they found. No, no, we don't.

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