The Regime Worships at the Church of 'The State'


We talk about Merrick Garland, we shouldn't talk about Merrick Garland the person or Anthony Fauci, the person we should talk about the Borg talk about this machine, this all encompassing monstrosity. That seems overwhelming. It's the monstrosity that invaded Mar-a-Lago. It is the machine that came in. Guns drawn 30 FBI agents for 9 and a half hours. For 270 man hours. The problem with the administrative state is that it's so arbitrary. They get to choose who they target. The law is not the guide. Of the shadow government, the bureaucrat is. So when Merrick Garland comes out and he says, well, we don't take these decisions lightly and we take this all into consideration. What he's really saying is I'm in charge, but he really isn't in charge, his council of experts are in charge, but they all think the same. They all have the same beliefs. They send their kids to the same schools. They vote for the same candidates. They all are deep down very miserable. What do they worship? What is their metaphysical belief? They don't believe in God the way you and I would. Maybe they might say they do. No, no, they worship at the church of the state. They are statists. I'm a Christian, some of you are dea some of you are Jews. Some of you are people that might be Hindus or Muslims. Fauci and Garland worship the state. You see,

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